He May Not Be Man’s Best Friend But We “Heart” Him Anyway

Our “indoor” cat – a one-year-old tabby – runs outside every day. Normally he runs into our neighbour’s backyard and hides under their deck until we find him and convince him to come out but, lately, he’s getting more and more daring with his escapades.

Ray of Sun

Today he’s run outside twice. It’s probably a factor of the gorgeous weather we’re enjoying today. None-the-less it’s aggravating and time-consuming wrangling our kitty each time he escapes. Some may argue that we should let the cat out but we’re concerned that he’ll get hit by a car or be on the losing end of a raccoon battle.

So, the first time today, my son tried to snatch him from the garden but in the process bumped his leg REALLY hard on a rock and it left a large swollen bruise. My husband ended up getting the cat from under our neighbour’s car. The second time both kids worked as a team to lure the cat back into our yard and then carefully snatched him up and brought him inside.

The cat’s napping right now and the kids are pleased that he’s back. I’m sure the  kitty’s dreaming of bumble bees and squirrels.

4 responses to “He May Not Be Man’s Best Friend But We “Heart” Him Anyway

  1. Ahh! This is a feel-good post. Glad everything worked out OK. I have a 12 year old orange Tabby. He wouldn’t know what to do outside. lol!

  2. Have you considered building a screened in area outside for the cat to be able to sit in the sun in safety? Lots of cat people have “rooms” outside for their cats to go into and get some sun, feel the grass, climb some stuff, but stay safe. It is a little bit of work, but then you won’t have to worry so much. My friend Darlene Arden just came out with a book on cats called The Complete Cat’s Meow: Everything You Need to Know about Caring for Your Cat tat might help, too.

  3. I love cats!( I just lost my 18 year old gray Tabby.) He was still trying to escape up until last summer when I had to leave him. : ( I can relate to escaping kitties. Enjoy the chase!

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