Mom Blog Love

Okay, even though it’s M’s Day today I don’t want to do a typical Mother’s Day post about how much I love my kids (I do) and how awesome it is to be a mom (it is).

Where's the love?

So, in honour of the day and to keep up with my Blogathon challenge, I *will* post on a topic related to Mother’s Day but share the love by linking to related posts from my fellow bloggers.

First off, here’s a blog post from my fellow WordCount Blogathon participant, Jan. Her blog with the witty name: Imp3rfect Mom is one that I visit regularly and is perfect for Mother’s Day. Take a peek!

Barb “Babette” Freda’s Babette Feasts is second. A feast for the senses, try reading Barb’s Mother’s Day haiku without tearing up. She’s also got awesome photos and recipes included in the blog.

Finally, here’s a funny post I read on a “new to me” blog called MamaCanDance. This post made me chuckle.

Enjoy the day. Spoil your mom if you have one. Let your family spoil you if you’re a mom. Me? I’m going outside to soak up the sunshine and hug my kids.

One response to “Mom Blog Love

  1. Oh, Thank you for the mention/shout out/whatever it’s called. That means so much.

    Tammy’s blog is funny.

    Hope you had a great weekend. (do you hear that shuffling? It’s me doing the happy dance.)

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