Hey, It’s Crazy Hat Day

The Epitome of Crazy Hat Day

While this isn’t a *personal* blog, I don’t want it to be *impersonal* either. Anyone who’s a parent can relate to the mornings where things just don’t go well. You wake up too early or the cat whines in your ear, or the kids fight just a little too long, or there’s nothing to make for school lunches or it’s “crazy hat day” and your child won’t wear the one really funny, crazy hat we have. Or, hey, all of these things happen in one sweet, sweet morning.

Today was such a morning. It’s not even 9 am yet and, while the sun is shining, my mind is not. I’m not happy about the way the morning routine transpired today and know that I’m the adult and must try harder, be more patient and keep smiling even when I want to scream and stomp my feet.

Let’s hope the afternoon school pick-up goes much, much better.

One response to “Hey, It’s Crazy Hat Day

  1. Lisa,
    Love the personal side of you. And boy, is that true.
    Here’s to a better rest of the day.

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