Speaking of Mental Health… Lemme Tell You About My Morning!

Don't forget to rinse!

The idea for this post stems from my comment on Mamalog a really attractive and witty blog that I discovered via Twitter. (See yesterday’s post for more info on the wonders of that social media site).

Mornings are rough around here as I’m sure they are for many people with kids (or lives, or jobs or pets…)  I’m over the morning rush now (and it only took me several hours and a few chocolate chip cookies…)

Here’s an overview of my day from 6:45 am (when my sweet daughter woke me up) until about 8:45 am:

  • Stumble downstairs while trying not to slip on the LEGO strewn about the stairs
  • Attempt to keep our cat, Dragon, quiet as he welcomes us with loud mewing and meowing and over-zealous calls for breakfast
  • Greet our messy, dish-filled kitchen and start emptying the dishwasher
  • Feed cat and ignore the ants that are crawling near baseboards
  • Ask my daughter what she’s like for breakfast. Answer? Cheerios and Rice Krispies mixed together with white AND chocolate milk.
  • Greet son as he comes downstairs warm, sleepy and spikey-haired
  • Make school lunches and wonder, for the 9,643th time, where all the matching Tupperware containers are hiding
  • Bring clothes and tooth brushes downstairs and ask the kids to get dressed
  • Daughter starts getting dressed and son begins playing basketball – in the house
  • Finish making school lunches and packing backpacks and ask son to get dressed again
  • Husband comes downstairs (tired and sore from tooth pain) and tries to help rally the troops
  • Continue to clean up kitchen, prevent children from injuring each other with foam swords and ask son to get dressed again
  • Breathe deeply
  • Make note of the time, ask son to get dressed as it’s getting late
  • Son is finally dressed, chase kids around attempting to brush their hair and get them to brush teeth
  • Put on rain gear, back packs and shoes and offer hugs and kisses to all.
  • Close door. Lock door. Sit down at computer. Sigh.

Does that sound at all like your morning? Is it better or worse? Do rough morning affect the rest of your day?

One response to “Speaking of Mental Health… Lemme Tell You About My Morning!

  1. Yes! This definitely sounds like some of my mornings, especially the trying to avoid the Legos strewn on the stairs. =)

    I try very hard not to let crazy mornings ruin the rest of my day, but often they have a way of putting me in a bad frame of mind. It definitely takes a concerted effort the rest of the day not to let how the day began effect how the day progresses.

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