Judgement Day is Coming: Do You Judge Others?

I’ll be honest: I didn’t know Judgment Day was coming until a few days ago when I read about it in a colleague’s blog. I’m not Christian nor Conservative nor religious nor American. Does that negate my being judged? Time will tell I suppose.

Since we’re talking about judgment, I’ll throw this out there: do you judge others?

...lest the finger be pointed at you.

If so, are you aware that you’re doing it?

Today I was at an indoor play centre with my daughter and our friends. There were kids eating pizza and candy for lunch, kids whining and grabbing and throwing fits. And, yet, most of the children and adults there were perfectly nice, chatting and smiling. I’ll admit that I was slightly appalled at the father who let his kids eat store-bought pizza and chips and candy for lunch. However, they seemed like a sweet family; two happy, energetic sisters and their dad. Perhaps he just grabbed whatever was around before driving to the play centre.

The whining, crying, grabbing kids? Maybe they don’t get much attention at home; perhaps they missed their nap today; or maybe it was all too overwhelming and that was their way of acting out. I used to judge parents and kids a lot more (especially when *I* didn’t have my own children); it’s easy to do. What about you? Are you judgmental?

2 responses to “Judgement Day is Coming: Do You Judge Others?

  1. Lisa,
    Your post is a good reminder that judgment is often there. I try really hard not to be, to step back and evaluate whether I’m just in a bad mood myself and thus being judgmental. But it happens. And I will admit at times to simply not understanding when children are involved because I don’t have any myself.

  2. Yes, it’s so easy to do, Lisa. And so tricky to stop. But, at least we’re aware of it now, right?

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