You’ve Got to Fight for Your Right to…Write!

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As part of the WordCount Blogathon (only 7 more days to go!), theme days are introduced. Today’s suggested theme for participating bloggers is: List your top five places to write.

For the last 8 or so years, I’ve worked part-time as a freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter, researcher and blogger. I’ve written about health, education, relationships, development and more for consumer and trade magazines, web sites, blogs and organizations. And, I do this (mostly) from my home office.

1) I like writing in our home office. It’s quiet (when the kids aren’t buzzing around), peaceful, bright and spacious. But, it can get lonely and isolating, especially in the winter.

2) When that happens, I sometimes head to the local coffee shop to write and think and enjoy people watching and a large fancy coffee.

3) Occasionally, I’ll work using free WiFi from one of our local libraries. We’ve recently moved to York Region and there are quite a few gorgeous, spacious libraries around us.

4) When the kids are around and the weather’s nice, I fancy myself a true writing nomad thinking that I’ll drag out the ol’ laptop and sit outside while the kids frolic with the neighbours (or chase each other around with sticks). However, more often than not, the bumble bees, ants or other critters interfere with my fancy-free writing plan.

5) In a pinch, I’ll write on my smart phone. No, I don’t type out 1,500-word features on my tiny phone. But, I can communicate with editors and clients while I’m out and about. And, that’s a big perk when you’re a part-time writer and a full-time parent.

What about you? Where do you like to work and to write?

4 responses to “You’ve Got to Fight for Your Right to…Write!

  1. One more way we’re in alignment beyond just our names, Lisa! I live on the 25th floor and don’t have kids, though, so no sticks or critters, but I often sit on my balcony in the sun thinking I’ll be productive and get some fresh air. Never happens. I end up balcony gazing at tenants in the next building over. 😉 I think the library is going to be my friend this summer, though, as they’re replacing our roof (we’re on the top floor). I don’t imagine jackhammers will be conducive to writing!

  2. Yeesh, Lisa, jack-hammering does not sound good. I wish you lots of peace and quiet (and no neighbour-watching!) while you write on the patio of your local coffee shop.

  3. Pictures, pictures…I liked that you attributed the SB photo. 🙂
    It’s been fun to read where everybody writes. And it’s nice to hear that you people watch, too.


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