After 25 Years, It’s Time to Say Good-Bye…

What's around the corner?

Just kidding! That’s Oprah’s line, not mine.

However, after 31 straight days of posting on this new blog, I am saying good-bye — to daily posts, that is. It’s been a productive, useful month as the WordCount Blogathon comes to an end today. Perfect timing because I’m just about to take on a full-time contract and I need to concentrate on that right now.

Thank you for reading and for your insightful comments about children, mental health, philosophy, music, creativity, socialization, trauma, psychology and more. I hope you’ll stick around for my semi-regular posts and feel free to email me at lisahotta (at) or post a comment here if you have any news or questions.

Good-bye (for now) sweet readers. Enjoy your summer.

9 responses to “After 25 Years, It’s Time to Say Good-Bye…

  1. Congrats, Lisa. It’s been such a pleasure reading your posts. Keep it up because this is such a needed blog.

  2. Wow, 25 years already?
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog the last few weeks and also hope to see you continue it in some form, even if these are occasional posts.

  3. Thanks for your continued interest, Jan and Susan. It means a lot to me.

  4. Lisa, congrats on making it to 31. So glad to have “met” you via the blogathon. Please stay in touch. Alison

  5. Thanks, Alison. Right back at ya!

  6. Funny headline. And good use of SEO. Good luck with your new job. And don’t avoid FLX just because you gotta work or something. 😉

  7. Best of luck, and I’ll be checking in. So appreciated your participation in comments and the google group during the Blogathon!

  8. Congratulations on launching the blog; regular posts are the best way to cultivate readership, so don’t stay away too long. And good luck in the new gig!

    Michelle Rafter

  9. Jackie, Michelle, Tia: Muchos gracias to all of you.

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