Gluten-us Maximus: Does Gluten Affect Mental Health?

Swaying in the wheat

Swaying in the wheat

If you have a child with mental health issues no doubt you’ve heard that removing gluten from his/her diet may help improve symptoms.

Running the gamut from physical, emotional and mental health, there is evidence that a gluten-free and often times casein-free (milk protein) diet results in  significant and positive differences in both children and adults. The book Wheat Belly is a hugely popular resource on this subject.

Just type “gluten-free” into Google and you’ll get millions of hits. Last year, ABC News posted an article on giving up gluten. The doctor interviewed suggested that many people embrace it as a fad diet and only those who have a sensitivity to the protein should remove it from meals.

Me? I’m carefully considering it. Besides having family members who live with celiac disease, almost daily I hear about another friend, neighbour or relative who is ditching gluten.

Here’s an example: Over the holidays we had a group play date – four kids and two parents. While the kids were playing, the boys’ mother went into great detail outlining the increasingly positive effects she’s discovered by removing gluten from her family’s diet. From a decrease in tantrums (the smallest child) to a radical decrease in weight (the mom), they are absolutely embracing the gluten-free life.

Would you try removing gluten from your child’s diet if you thought it might help? 

3 responses to “Gluten-us Maximus: Does Gluten Affect Mental Health?

  1. I am def considering at least replacing the wheat sources in my family’s diet w/non gluten sources for many health reasons (and environmental effects of mass crops of wheat etc) .. I too have been meaning to read Wheat Belly after seeing and hearing the endless positive benefits from removing wheat from your diet.. not just specifically gluten
    unfort a lot of people just switch to lower-food valued food sources, often rice and often very processed instead of just cutting back on all processed carb-based foods and replacing them w/more whole source foods, ie : fruits, veg, seeds, nuts etc

  2. My husband recently cut out gluten after years of suspecting that he has a sensitivity. Not only have his digestive issues improved, but he has more energy, and I swear his mood is better. I have benefitted from a whole -foods ( very little packaged/processed) diet and I do my best to feed our kids this way. However, after seeing hubby’s improvements, I’m tempted to switch us all to gluten-free as well.

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