Sometimes it’s the little things…

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Yesterday I had the good fortune to spend a few hours with my son. While that in itself doesn’t sound like a big deal, it was the quality of those few hours that made the difference.

While sometimes (okay, often) we butt heads or bicker, my son and I had a lovely time running errands, picking out a Father’s Day gift for my dad and his dad, and then enjoying a long leisurely lunch. My daughter was playing with a friend so it was just us – mother and son – for three happy hours.

Sometimes it really is these little things that make all the difference in parenting.

One response to “Sometimes it’s the little things…

  1. What a great post Lisa! Today I spent an hour with just Matt, came home then spent close to two hours with just Sarah – and both sets of “hours” were wonderful too. I will have to try and do that with Daniel and Benjamin, but alas, harder to get them on their own :(.

    Sarah and I went to the Experimental Farm and my daughter crashed her first wedding LOL: A 20’s circus-themed wedding taking place in a barn on the Farm…it was VERY cool and she LOVED it! 🙂

    See you next week is it?

    *Ilana Albert-Novick* Make it a great day!

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