Eating Brownies for Breakfast

Happy Mother’s Day! For those of us in North America, we celebrate on the second Sunday in May. In the UK and elsewhere, I believe it’s celebrated on a different date.

photo of boy hugging his mom

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Did any of you get breakfast in bed on a tray with a mason jar filled with daisies…? Me neither! I’m not bitter though, honestly. I’m over the traditional, commercial idea of Mother’s Day and hoping for a peaceful, quiet day with my kids which should include no arguments, complaints or nagging (from me or my children).

Special dates like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day can be fraught with expectations and disappointment. As my children and I get older though, I realize more and more it’s not about the gifts and expensive dinners but rather, as cliche as it sounds, the time we spend together and the way we treat each other on this day and throughout the year.

Regardless, I won’t be preparing a lavish brunch or taking anyone out to celebrate this year. Due to my self-imposed No Money May, the fact that my partner is working, my tween daughter is at a sleepover and my teen son is still sleeping (and probably will be until noon or later), it will be a simple Mother’s Day. I’m hoping for a hike in the woods and of course will contact my own wonderful mom who lives in another city.


As a strange start to the day, I’m up at the crack of dawn (not a good start but apparently sleeping isn’t my jam), cleaning the kitchen and making marshmallow chocolate brownies. I will most likely eat said brownies for breakfast – and I’m okay with that! They don’t look that pretty (see photo above) but smell great. Yesterday, I made a chocolate peanut butter version for my daughter to take to her sleepover.

What are you doing to celebrate? Do you have a special tradition? Do you expect your partner or children to pamper you on Mother’s Day? Are you on the hook to host your own family?

However you celebrate YOUR day, whether reading a favourite book, snuggling with your babies, taking a walk, going to the spa, fêteing your own mom or simply being you, enjoy and cheers to all of the hardworking, dedicated, savvy moms out there.

Yours in good maternal mental health,



8 responses to “Eating Brownies for Breakfast

  1. brownies for breakfast
    sounds perfect
    for mother’s day 🙂

  2. I agree with the whole expectations thing. I have come to realize over the years that it’s so much more than gifts and flowers. I enjoy just hanging out with my family and getting homemade cards. This year, my 8 year old daughter ran around the house “shopping” for things and wrapped them up. I had a huge pile of gifts that looked like Christmas from her. it was so sweet!

  3. Brownies for breakfast…Yum! In the UK, Mothers Day is actually called Mothering Sunday. It is always 3 weeks before Easter Sunday/4th Sunday in Lent. It started over 500 years ago when people would visit their ‘mother’ church but has morphed into a day to honour mums.

  4. motherscanteach

    Same here. I’m kinda over the Mother’s Day excitement. We do go out to dinner, which is a special treat, but it really is just like any other day. My husband is our church cantor, so he’s always busy on Sunday mornings and my children are too young to do anything special for me. Next year though, I’m definitely having brownies for breakfast!

  5. cool

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