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Not Your Mother’s Mother’s Day…

As we’re all very much aware, it ain’t business as usual this Mother’s Day. There may be flowers, there might even be breakfast in bed. But, if you were hoping for brunch at a fancy restaurant – or even breakfast at your local greasy spoon a la Rory and Lorelai – you’ll have to wait until next year.

woman kissing cheek of girl wearing red and black polka dot top

Photo by Albert Rafael on Pexels.com

Many of us won’t see our own mothers today – heck, if you’re an essential worker or in quarantine or sick or otherwise separated from your family, you might not even be able to see your child today. If that’s the case, I send you my kindest thoughts.

Likewise, if you’re the parent of a child or children with mental health challenges such as ADHD, autism, depression or learning disabilities being cooped up with your family for the last few weeks may mean your own mental health is tenuous at best right now. This year, you may be craving independence and freedom in order to regroup rather than family time.

Last Year Vs. This Year

Last Mother’s Day, I was sitting on this same couch in my living room around the same time, writing about eating brownies for breakfast. This year, I’m pleased to say that it’s much of the same. My 16-year-old son and I went for an early morning walk around the empty streets. My daughter is sleeping. My partner is at work. It’s extremely quiet and sunny. I’m drinking coffee and listening to the birds chirp happily.  Yes, we’re all a year older but are we wiser? And, a year from now: Will we have become wiser still?

I’m certain we’ll all look back at this year as one of the strangest in history.  But we have an opportunity to examine our lives as parents, partners, workers, human beings.  Will we savour the simplicity (fraught with disappointment, sadness and worry of course) or will we mourn the losses? I imagine it will be a combination of both; I truly hope that we can all carefully examine how we want to treat ourselves, our kids, our friends, our neighbours and our planet moving forward. Clearly, the universe is trying to tell us something. 

I wish for you a day of peace and good mental health. I hope that your children and your family treat you well and that you feel important today. Like other iconic times, do you think you’ll look back at this special date in history and remember exactly where you were and how you felt? I can guarantee your kids will.

Sending you love from one mother to another…


Mom Blog Love

Okay, even though it’s M’s Day today I don’t want to do a typical Mother’s Day post about how much I love my kids (I do) and how awesome it is to be a mom (it is).

Where's the love?

So, in honour of the day and to keep up with my Blogathon challenge, I *will* post on a topic related to Mother’s Day but share the love by linking to related posts from my fellow bloggers.

First off, here’s a blog post from my fellow WordCount Blogathon participant, Jan. Her blog with the witty name: Imp3rfect Mom is one that I visit regularly and is perfect for Mother’s Day. Take a peek!

Barb “Babette” Freda’s Babette Feasts is second. A feast for the senses, try reading Barb’s Mother’s Day haiku without tearing up. She’s also got awesome photos and recipes included in the blog.

Finally, here’s a funny post I read on a “new to me” blog called MamaCanDance. This post made me chuckle.

Enjoy the day. Spoil your mom if you have one. Let your family spoil you if you’re a mom. Me? I’m going outside to soak up the sunshine and hug my kids.